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Since the early 60’s, our educational system for our children has been slowly eroding.  Our government has been notorious for promising better education, not one child left behind and yet in 2009 many college students and high school graduates are unable to pursue a higher education due to the horrific increase in cost. 

High school graduates are faced with several complex problems and at this time no relief is in sight.  Job availability this summer for this age group is a farce – the few jobs available are being snatched by the middle class who is in a survival mode trying just trying to exist.  

The  American dream of getting a college education for many is just a dream; colleges throughout the Nation have raised tuition fees once again and of course the economy is getting all of the blame. 

Possibly colleges have become strictly bottom line institutions and like many corporations those in charge can’t budget or utilize their monies in a responsible manner.   

High school drops appear to be increasing at a rapid rate, not because our children are stupid but these children are pretty logical in their decision.   College education for them would only come via a very expensive loan and even if they received a diploma that still wouldn’t  guarantee employment in their chosen field. 

After talking with several of these students, I realized they have analyzed the employment playing field for young people their age; regardless of education there’s a good chance that they’ll be flipping burgers and pancakes.  Our youth refuse to buy into the “what if” or “maybe” promises of what a college education will do for them.  

Our dropouts are aware that during the difficult economic times, there is a huge increase in the unskilled labor market.  Some of these jobs do pay well and our youth have decided to dominate the unskilled markets. 

So when and how did Americans allow their children’s education to be compromised?  There are more than a few factors that have contributed to the rapid decline or our educational system.  Here are but a few contributing factors.

The new child psychology started back in the good old days with Dr. Spock and friends – parents were criticized, made fun of and bashed for being the heads of the household. 

Over time the children became the dominant figures in the household and the parent/child relationship was weakened.  Discipline, guidelines and responsibility were relegated to the ancient history shelf. 

At the same time, “they” and I use this similar to Glenn Beck when referring to groups of people who worked 24/7 to change our educational standards.  Parents turned into their child’s best friends and along with that new role, discipline, respect and student responsibility evaporated little by little from the schools. 

Schools, teachers, superintendants were put in the line of fire via lawsuits and the media crap.  We stripped our school system down to nothing but a few pieces of scraps.  

Teachers are expected to raise our children, but lord forbid if they discipline Johnny or Susie!   Why did we decide it was the teacher’s job to mentor, counsel, comfort and raise our children?  Where is it written that our children should be in charge?

So we’re faced with an educational system where the children rule, make out on the campus, wear clothes that don’t cover bosom, crotches or butt cracks because parents have relinquished their “God” given rights. 

Morality is no longer dominant on our horizon.  The bottom line remains the same, “Our children need us – not the gifts and material junk we extend to them. 

Why are we allowing our school curriculum to slip below the norm of many other countries world-wide?  Frankly, I believe our curriculum has taken a beating in order to appease a very few – words removed, paragraphs eliminated and many books removed from the shelves just because of a small group of misinformed people.  “They” have peddled, meddled and taken control of our children’s education. 

Our Nation’s education should always be a priority for it is the backbone of our country!  America can’t raise their hands on educational excellence anymore –other countries are leaving us in the dust.  This isn’t acceptable and hopefully parents will return to a few basics.

Fathers and mothers can return to their homes as head of the household, mentors to their children.  Know where your child is, who she or he is hanging out with, restore order to your homes.  The child is a member of the household who needs guidelines, rules and structure.  

It’s unfair to ask teachers to take over parental tasks – you are the parents and if you can’t assume that awesome responsibility therein is the problem.  

Teaching should be one of the highest paying professions in our United States – along with higher pay; discipline should be restored to our educational structure.  Curriculum needs a heavy overhaul at the same time …

Over the years, we have seen a few bad teachers, just like bad cops or bad parents, but the majority remain good moral people so we can’t let the liberal news media turn our heads.  Quit babying your children; give them the tools needed to become young responsible adults with high self esteem and many beautiful dreams in their hip pocket. 

May God Bless America and help all citizens return our Nation to a strong foundation.  As Always, Annie

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