Standards of Learning

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Mathematics is one of those subjects that can easily confuse and frustrate students – but not for long. Making Math More Fun offers printable math games that can change how young students view mathematics. This website guarantees that you will be able to find various ways that will make math so fun and easy that […]

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There are so many ways to encourage a love of science in your child. Children are naturally curious about everything around them, and science is a natural outlet for them. You and your child will both enjoy some of the following activities. Lead your child in using the scientific method to solve everyday problems, from […]

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  Bubblology Experiments to Share with Your Kids By Aurora Lipper   This article teaches kids about the science of bubblology and gives a handful of totally fun activities to experiment with for their homeschool science learning (including bubble castles, light shows, and a kid-in-a-bubble). It’s also good for boy scouts working on a badge, […]

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