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Ever thought of exercising your mind with a Maths Quiz? Working at a Maths Quiz is like playing a sport. Just like regular exercising in sports keeps your body healthy, similarly doing a Maths Quiz helps to keep an active mind. Needless to say, exercising the mind through Maths Quizzes, helps one to strengthen maths, […]

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Do Chess and Math Have Anything in Common?   Frank Ho   Ho Math and Chess Learning Center   Chess has many math characteristics that mostly are learned in elementary schools. There are other math related topics such search tree of a possible moves etc., which are high level thinking math and is […]

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Harvey Howard is the owner of My Gym Children’s Fitness Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He is a certified special education teacher, elementary teacher, guidance counselor, and student assistance professional located in New Jersey. Here he explains how to tell whether or not your child’s behaviors are appropriate. Children of different ages should not […]

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